Handy Salad Cutter Bowl . A Quick And Easy, Healthy Salad Maker That Saves You Time In The Kitchen

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Eating healthily has never been so quick and simple with our salad bowl cutter. Make tasty salads in 60 seconds with this handy bowl that allows you to wash and cut and serve in just one item. 

  1. Fast & Easy: Rinse, chop and serve almost any salad in seconds whilst saving on washing up.
  2. Secure Clip-on Lid with a small "sink" feature which prevents juice / water from spilling out of the sides onto your counter top.
  3. Easy To Use: The Two Rotation Wings added to both sides enable you to rotate the top easily. It only takes 1 finger to rotate the top while the other hand holds the bottom base.
  4. Unique Wave-wheel Design: Our "Pulsator Design" aids easily and quick rotation of the top bowl.
  • Your health matters, so we only use HDPE+PP Food Grade Material BPA Free, 
  • Can also be used to chop vegetables safely for stir-fries or to serve with dips, keeping your fingers out of harms way